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My name: Kampung Boy
My Fotopage: http://kampungboy.fotopages.com/
About me: Age: 35 lll Locality: Gombak, Selangor, Malaysia lll Trainings: Basic Studio Photography (ForTwo Photography) - Nikon DSLR Workshop (Nikon Malaysia) lll Profession: Bank lll Education: Dip in Information Technology (UTM) - BSc (Hons) Comp System Engineering (NTU) lll Member of: Click Addict (Photography Group)
From: Malaysia
Other: D60 & D90
minaq jinggo
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Hayati Nor
Latest entry:Turkey Trip
It was an amazing time touring Turkey with a group of my college friends, one of whom flew from US to join us. Finally, I set my eyes on Aya Sophia, the Blue Mosque, Bhosphorous Straits, and many other interesting places. SubhanAllah and I'm so grateful for witnessing the beauty of Allah's creations. View this Fotopage entry
brian carter
Latest entry:Another wet day
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